Situation awareness (SA)

On this site I am trying to explain what SA is and why you need it when you have a DCS migration project.

It is also a attention point if the plant you work on have a lot of shut downs. Because the operators are reacting not correct on disturbances in the process.

There are a lot of of research reports on major disasters in factories. And many outcomes point to wrong and too much information to the operators. Most of the time the result of the operator actions is making it even worse. But you can not blame them. That is due to bad DCS design and bad alarm management.

Poor performance of the HMI system has been cited numerous times as a significant contributing factor to major industrial accidents. The U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) has estimated the total loss due to operator error as $10 billion per year, and poor performing HMIs are a major cause.



situation awareness


Exampels of major industrial disasters.



Deepwater Horizon

Piper Alpha

Three mile Island

and many many more.

Find Out Where You Need to Start

Contact me and I can give u all the information you need to convince the management and the operators why SA is important. There is a lot of money involved. But look at the pictures above how much money is that. And that is only the top of the iceberg.

My Specialities

Been there, seen it, worked with it. And what a lot of errors have I seen. And what a lot of money went down the drain.

What People are Saying

We do not need it. The operators do not want it. It is to expensive etc etc. But again look at the pictures. And realize billions are being wasted all over the world.